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Regenerative Medicine

Following any injury, the body naturally tries to heal the damaged tissue through an inflammatory and regenerative process. This can lead to the formation of poorly functional scar tissue. Regenerative Medicine emphasizes the innate regenerative process. Growth factors and signaling cells found in our blood and bone marrow are added to the injury site to guide cells to a more functional healing with minimal scar tissue formation.

By concentrating these regenerative cells around an injured area, there is a promotion of tissue healing and regeneration through enhancement in recruitment, proliferation and differentiation of cells needed to accelerate the healing process. Tissue healing responses may be different depending on the tissue being treated and the acuity of the injury.

Dr. Lucas founded Interventional Orthobiologics of Colorado (IOC) in 2020 with a mission to offer the latest cutting edge regenerative orthopedic treatments to patients that are supported by evidence based research with strict adherence to FDA guidelines in order to ensure the best possible patient outcomes. Regenerative orthopedics is a rapidly evolving subspecialty of orthopedics and Dr. Lucas and the IOC team bring years of experience, research and knowledge in treating orthopedic conditions with biologic treatments.



PRP Injection

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection

Our blood consists of a liquid component known as plasma. It also consists of three main solid components which include the red blood cells (RBCs), white blood cells (WBCs), and platelets. Platelets play an important role in forming blood clots. They also consist of special proteins, known as growth factors, which help with our body’s healing process. Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is a high concentration of platelets and plasma.

Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC)

Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC)

Bone marrow is a robust source of stem cells in the body. In fact, there are many immature cell types and growth factors contained within bone marrow. One of the most important contents within bone marrow are Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’s). MSC’s are the cells responsible for maintenance and repair of musculoskeletal tissues by regulating inflammation and promoting blood flow.



Prolotherapy, also called proliferative therapy, is a medical procedure performed to treat connective tissue injuries and can be used to relieve musculoskeletal pain.

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